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Hello friends, today through this article I am going to tell you about the business app, you must have seen about the business app in many ads, if you want to know in detail about the business app and how to use it, then you can use this app.  Do read the article till the end.

Today through this article I am going to tell you what is business app, how to use business app, how to download business app?  Today I will tell you all kinds of information through this article.

If you do business, that is, if you are a businessman and want to keep the account of your business in a digital way, then vyapar app is very special for you.  In this article, I have given a good review about Vyapar, as well as how to use it.

What is Vyapar App?

Vyapar app is one of a kind invoicing and billing application specially designed for merchants.  In this app, traders can note down their accounts.  This application is also available for Android, iOS and PC.

With the help of this app, you can do inventory management as well as billing.  With the help of vyapar app, you can generate customer’s bill, collect and keep payment. This app is very important for merchants. If you have a shop or any small business then vyapar app is going to be perfect for you, any business can be managed and grown through this app.

Even today, more than 70% of the shopkeepers in India make bills on paper.  By doing this, most of their time goes to manual entry and calculation.  And if you make even a small mistake, then you have to suffer loss in business.

But to avoid this mistake and save your precious time, trading app is very good.  This app tells the accounting data of your business accurately.  The biggest feature of this app is that you can use this app offline even without internet.

Benefits of using Vyapar App

There are many benefits of using a business app. With the help of this app, you can take your shop online, along with this you can make a gst report, bill the goods that the customer is buying from your shop and send it on whatsapp. You can also collect online payments from the Vyapar app.  With this app, you can do your business in the right way and you can grow your business in the right direction. In the Vyapar app, you get many more features to manage the business, which I have told below.

  • Send Estimate & Quotes
  • Track Orders
  • Choose Themes
  • Record Expenses
  • Receivables and Payable
  • Delivery Challan
  • Bank Accounts
  • Track Cash Flow
  • Business Reports
  • GST Invoicing/Billing
  • Online/Offline billing

How to download Vyapar App?

If you want to use Vyapar App then first you have to download Vyapar App in your mobile.  Android users can download the Vyapar app from the Play Store, while if you have an iOS iPhone, you can download the Vyapar app from the App Store.

But if you want to download Vyapar App in computer or laptop, then you can download Vyapar App in your PC by visiting its official website.  Well I have given the download link for both pc and mobile below, you can also download the business app from the given link.  After that you have to install it on your phone.

After downloading it in a business phone, I have explained step by step below the process of how to use it.  You can learn how to use vyapar app by following the given steps.

How to use Vyapar App

After downloading the business app, now it is the turn to use it, so it is very easy to use this app.  To use the business app, first you need to sign up your account on this app.  You can create your account with the help of Google account or mobile number.  In the article below, I have explained the step by step method, after following which you can create your account on the business app.

How to login in vyapar App

When you download the Vyapar app and install it on your phone, you have to login first to use it. You login with your mobile number only. For this, put your existing number in the box with “enter mobile number”. After that a 6 digit otp will come.  After submitting which you will be successfully login.

Enter your brand name and create a sale invoice

To create your first bill in Vyapar, first you enter the brand name.  In “enter your business name”, you write the name of your shop and save it, when your first bill is generated, this name will appear in it.

Now you have to click on “add sale invoice” to generate the bill.  After this you select item name, select quantity, select price and GST.

After that, as soon as you click on save, your bill will be ready.

After generating the bill, you can print it or send it to the customer on WhatsApp.


Overall, this application has been developed keeping in mind all the problems. So that the shopkeeper and business should not suffer any kind of loss.  I would only say that if you want to see the growth in your business, then you should definitely try using Vyapar app once.

I hope this article must have helped you and you must have got a good idea about the business app.

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