5 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

Nowadays you can do many things sitting at home from your smartphone or computer. At this time, you can easily read many things from a smartphone or computer. There are many materials available on the Internet for the purpose of studies, that is why in today’s time, students preparing for any competitive exam take the help of the Internet. Apart from this, many people are also fond of reading stories, for this many websites and applications provide e-books for free or for money. These eBook readers give you the experience of reading a book.

Nowadays the trend of eBooks has gone quite a lot, the reason is that it is difficult to carry all the books from here to there, whereas you carry your smartphone or laptop almost everywhere. That’s why eBooks have become the most preferred system nowadays. In this article, we are going to tell you about 5 best eBook reader Android applications.

1) Google Play Books

Google Play Books is the best eBook reader android application. There is also a system to download many books for free in this application, apart from this you can also download many ebooks by paying money. In this application you can pause any eBook and read it later on resume. If you have an eBook downloaded in your storage, then you can open it and read it with its help. You can also download the book from Google Play Store and read through this application.

Download Google Play Books from Play Store:

2) Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is considered the best eBook reader application in the world after Google Play Books. Amazon has also made an Amazon Kindle device for this, which is specially made for reading books. With the help of Amazon Kindle application, you can read any eBook for free. This is the most downloaded eBook reader application on the Play Store.

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3) Nook

In the Nook eBook reader application, you will also find a collection of many books like the Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books. In this, you can read any book you like by downloading or buying it. This application is also very much liked by the users and it always brings new updates to improve the reading experience of its users.

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4) Aldiko

Aldiko is also one of the most popular ebook reader apps. It supports different formats of eBooks such as EPUB, PDF and Adobe DRM books. This is a great eBook reader and PDF reader app. Through this app you can buy books at low prices. You can download this application from Google Play Store.

Download Aldiko from Play Store:

5) Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader is also one of the best eBook reader apps. In this, you can download and read thousands of eBooks for free through the online library. In this, different themes have been given for night and day, which will reduce the light on your eyes. This application also has many cool features, such as: zooming, page locking, brightness level adjustment, etc. You can download this application by going to Google Play Store.

Download Moon + Reader from Play Store:

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