What are Picmonkey Photo Editor Apps?

Today, as the trend of social media is increasing, the search for Photo Editor Software, App is increasing a lot among people. Because today everyone wants to share their best photos on their social media accounts. Of course, if you have come to this page of ours, then you too must be searching for a … Read more

What is Film Maker Pro App?

Video making has become very easy in today’s smartphone era. Where earlier video making, video shooting was possible only with the camera. At the same time, very good videos can be shot using mobile today. Shooting video is easy. But a best app is needed to edit the video. So that it can be made … Read more

Know About Vyapar App

Hello friends, today through this article I am going to tell you about the business app, you must have seen about the business app in many ads, if you want to know in detail about the business app and how to use it, then you can use this app.  Do read the article till the … Read more

Dishaank Application

દિશાંક એ કર્ણાટક દ્વારા વિકસાવવામાં આવેલી એપ્લિકેશન છે જે જમીનના રેકોર્ડની સરળ ઍક્સેસની ખાતરી આપે છે. Dishaank Application કર્ણાટક સ્ટેટ રિમોટ સેન્સિંગ એપ્લીકેશન સેન્ટર (KSRSAC)ના ભૌગોલિક માહિતી સિસ્ટમ (GIS) પ્રોગ્રામ હેઠળ વિકસાવવામાં આવી છે. ડિજિટાઇઝ્ડ, સ્કેન કરેલા અને જિયો-રેફરન્સ્ડ નકશાની  ઉપલબ્ધતા એપને બિલ્ડ કરવાનું સરળ બનાવે છે. Data available on the application દિશાંક એપ જમીનના … Read more