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In the modern age, the demand for Video Editor in the glamor world is increasing day by day.  In addition to the television industry, film industry, OTT platform, Video Editor can also make a brilliant career in home video making.  From Hollywood to Bollywood’s big budget films, the focus today is on video effects and video editing.  Special care is taken to ensure that video editing in Hollywood films is accurate and that projects are sent to expert video editors around the world.
 As much as Video Editor is used in Hindi film industry today, Video Editors are also banned for short films and documentaries at exorbitant prices.  The Film Industry Awards also include a category for video editing and visual effects.  The film’s highest award, the Oscars, also includes a special award for video editing and visual effects.  There are many films that win the award because of the video effects used in them.  Video effects in films today are as important as storytelling and directing.
 Due to the increasing number of animated and graphics based films and TV channels, the demand for experts specializing in video editing has increased and so has the demand for such courses.  Video editor captures, records, copies, edits, mixes, and reproduces video using electronic and mechanical devices.


 Many institutes offer courses in Diploma, Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma in Video Editing.  The duration of these courses ranges from six months to three years.  The duration of the course depends on what type of course you are admitted to.  No special educational qualification is required to get admission in this course.  Students who have passed 12th standard can get admission in Diploma or Certificate course in Video editing.
 It is very important to have a bachelor’s degree in any subject for post graduate diploma level course.  The video editing course provides technical and practical knowledge of video recording, editing and mixing.  Apart from this the student is taught to use recording tools like camera, camera type, lenses, amplifiers, single processor and microphone etc.
 Students are also introduced to video writing, basic theory of video frequencies and sound special effects.  As the combination of audio and visual is important for any video, basic knowledge of sound effects and sound editing is also imparted to the students during the video editing course.


 In order to get into this field, it is very important to have interest in video, creativity and knowledge of necessary technical matters.  Apart from this, it is very important for the student to have skills like instinct to work together, punctuality etc.  Video editors must have a basic knowledge of some basic software.  A competent video editor is required to have a good knowledge of the advanced technology and progress related to software and hardware like Adobe Premium 2, Avid Liquid, Sound Forge, Flower Cut Pro, Reason, Nuendo, Cubes.  It is equally important to have knowledge about Recording, Post Production, Live Capture, Sound and Broadcasting starting from the primary subject like different quality of video.

 Job Opportunity

 The role of video editor is very important in any film and TV program.  Movies and TV programs need a video editor and a visual effects expert.  With the all-round development of the TV industry, the opportunity for a video editor is increasing.  Aside from TV and movies, you can also find work in the Advertising, Broadcasting and Multimedia and Animation industries.  Once you have got the name and experience in this field, you can start working independently by taking Video Editing Projects independently.


 Salary in the field of video editing depends on your position, experience and what industry (film and TV) you are associated with.  After doing a course from a good institute, one can initially get a salary of fifteen to twenty thousand rupees per month in this field.  Once you get fame in this field, then you can earn millions of rupees.  However, this is found in every field.

 Educational Institutions

 Separate video editing courses are being run in reputed educational institutes of the country, but in the course of audio visual, video editing is also taught as a subject.  Admission can be obtained on the basis of competitive examination or on the basis of previous study marks in some institutes which are currently offering video editing courses in India.  Here is a list of some of the educational institutes that offer video editing courses, which may be helpful to students seeking admission to this course.
  •  Audio Visual Department, Gujarat Vidhapeeth, Ahmedabad
  •  Audio Visual Department, Veer Narmad University, Surat
  •  Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  •  Asian Academy of Film and TV, Noida
  •  Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata
  •  Audiophil Institute of Sound Engineering, Kerala

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