Furniture Designer – Educational Institutions, Qualification, Employment Opportunity, Salary

With the advent of modern home, it has become imperative to have the right furniture in the house for storing the necessary items and arranging the items properly.  If there is a small space in the flat, apartment, office, if there is a wise and spacious space, then according to that, there is a need for furniture.  In addition, people are becoming more and more interested in decorating the interior of their home or office and installing or making comfortable furniture.
 The contribution of furniture is very important to decorate or make the house attractive.  Even in a small house, if the furniture is arranged properly, the beauty of the house is enhanced.  Not only this, with the help of traditional style furniture you can do your homework.  If you are also interested in this field then it may prove to be a good career for you.
 You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.  Communication should also be good to convince customers for new designs and also have a good understanding of marketing skills and business.  Currently there is a trend of showing the design of furniture to the customers by preparing it on computer.  In that sense, it is necessary to develop a little bit of computer knowledge.  A skilled furniture designer needs to be aware of the changes that are taking place in the design market.
 The Furniture Designer should keep a sharp eye on even the smallest detail of the furniture for maintenance and attractive designing as the job of the Furniture Designer is to prepare the wood as attractive furniture by adding its own life to it.  Until a few years ago, the youth did not have enough knowledge in this field, but today the employment opportunities in this field have increased a lot.  Today, many types of vocational courses and courses ranging from certificates to degrees are being run in the field to build one’s future.  The art of furniture design can also be learned through computer aided design.


 Eligibility in many courses for doing furniture designing course is tenth standard pass.  These courses are of certificate or diploma level.  Even after passing 12th standard, admission in this field courses can be obtained on the basis of merit which is of degree level.  Now it’s up to you what kind of course you want to get into.  You must be between 18 and 6 years of age to join this course.  Admission is available in some of the reputed educational institutes of the country after passing the All India Level Entrance Examination.  In which your artistic talent and idea is recognized to get admission.

 Employment Opportunity

 Independently as a furniture designer you can start your career with men under your arm.  You can also start your career as a teacher by designing furniture.  You can join Furniture designing work with many big companies in this field.  With the help of good computer knowledge and computer work you can also do design work.  Furniture designer appointments are also made from time to time by many national and multinational companies and they also hire Furniture designer on contract basis.  As your experience in this field grows, so will the employment opportunities.


 In various positions in the field of furniture designing, your salary is Rs.  It can be from seven thousand to twenty five thousand rupees.  You can also start your own firm or chain shop and earn from Rs.2000 per month depending on your skills.  If you join a government project, you can get salary as per government norms.

 Educational Institutions

  •  National Institute of Designing, Ahmedabad
  •  National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  •  Government Women’s Polytechnic College, Kota
  •  Government Women’s Polytechnic College, Lucknow
  •  Mirabai Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi

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