Craft Designer – Qualifications, Job Opportunities, Income, Educational Institutions

Everyone has a hobby of decorating their living and working space, but by adopting this hobby as a business, you can decorate your career in someone else’s house.  This will not only fulfill the hobby but also you will be able to earn good money.  However, hobbies alone are not enough here.  It is also important to get a systematic education in craft designing, as designing is a form of artistry and creation.
 Craft Designer decorates buildings, shops, offices, show rooms, hotels, airports, exhibition halls, conference centers, theaters, TV and film studios, and other commercial spaces beautifully, neatly and artistically.  In addition to this, the designer is now specially stopped at festivals and occasions.  The primary demand of this business is to get the customer to do what they want in a limited budget.  Over the last few years, the interest of people in craft designing has increased so the demand for craft designer is increasing.
 With globalization the influence of western culture is increasing in the country.  Apart from this, the appearance of the office has also changed completely due to the arrival of multinational companies in the country.  Paper chandeliers, lanterns, lamps, hangers etc. are kept in the office and at home.  With world class offices competing with offices now being built in India, plain and elegant office craft work can be adorned.
 Now most of the companies in India are moving out of the eighties and following the same trend and the office is being given an attractive look.  Also, the cost of a show piece made of paper is not high.  Due to all these factors, there is a demand for designers in the craft designing business today.

 Interests, Interests And Qualities

 Most craft designers specialize in a particular field, as some people specialize in designing business while others specialize in designing rooms such as drawing rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms or bathrooms.  While handicrafts on many fabrics are clever, one can make beautiful craftwork by giving a new twist to a piece of paper.  Craft Designer prepares interior building drawings according to customer interests, budgets and needs, including home and office wall, floor and ceiling selection and decoration, furniture and other furnishings, window treatment, lighting, visual and sound effects control.  Is.
 Craft Designing requires specialization.  Demand for traditional craftwork has also been very high in India and abroad.  Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.  You can include a lantern or a pylon as a masterpiece of craftwork.


 Craft Designing is a unique option for young people with creative interests.  Becoming a good and successful craft designer requires a variety of skills.  While some of these skills or arts are innate, some skills can be acquired through systematic study and training.  There are some skills that should be in the personality and it is expected to have excellent design, fine vision, good team, building ability, good coordination and knowledge, time planning skills and patience.  You can do your best.
 Twelfth standard pass is required in educational qualification for admission in various courses of Craft Designing.  Only students who have passed 12th standard in any stream are eligible for admission in the degree courses of Craft Designing, but the norms of the institute are required to be considered for this subject.
 The government is also running employment oriented courses giving importance to craft designing.  Admission to degree level courses ranging from three-month short-term courses in this field can be obtained, but it is generally advisable for students to pursue further studies in any craft designing course only after standard twelve.  Thus, in order to join the course in this field, it is necessary to have 12th pass.

 Job Opportunities

 Given the current state of real estate, property and building construction, there are many opportunities in the business of craft designing.  After completing the Craft Designer course, work can be done by keeping in touch with Craft Designer Institute, Architect Firm, Consultancy Firm, Builder, Contractor.  They can also work as a design consultant in large hotels, hospitals, shopping malls or design studios and furniture stores.
 Craft Designer can be responsible for designing sets for theaters (drama) or film shootings or even for drama productions and musical shows.  Career opportunities are bright when craft designing is in-demand.  A good craft designer can independently set up his own small unit.  A capital loan of Rs 2,000 to Rs 50,000 can also be taken to set up a small unit.
 You can also start craftwork works independently.  Many schools organize various workshops for craftwork to make students creative by conducting new craft related experiments.  Such schools should be approached and the opportunity to earn should be created along with imparting one’s knowledge to the students.


 The income of a designer depends on their designing quality of work.  However, the starting salary of an abstract designer is 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month, which can go up to one thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees per month as the experience grows.  This field can rain money on you depending on your ability and skill.

 Educational Institutions

  •  National Institute of Craft and Design, NID, Ahmedabad
  •  Indian Institute of Craft and Design, Jaipur
  •  National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai
  •  Industrial Design Center IIT, Mumbai

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