Apple’s new iPhone 13 is set up worse than the old iPhone 12

Fluctuations in Apple’s share price Based on sales of his iPhone. Before the launch of the iPhone 13 last week, it was predicted that the launch would have a positive effect on the company’s share price, but after the launch of the iPhone 13, the company’s share price was not affected as experts believe that the features of the newly launched iPhone are worse than the old iPhone.

However, news analyst Pierre Firegu said dealers should be wary of the upcoming iPhone 13. This phone appears to have powerful hardware and some updates but it is not. There are more than 450 million iPhones three years or older, so half a billion people will have to update their phones. As a result Apple was also optimistic that sales would increase this time, but this did not happen.
He added that every factor in this matter should be observed. People who buy a new phone usually change it every two years. Sell ​​an old phone or give it to your children. The phone is reused in the secondary market and upgraded every two to three years Happens. Now that people are changing phones every two years, the market for replacements is under-estimated, with only 190 million phones.
In May, Firagu advised Apple to downgrade and sell its shares. At the time, his team said there was a risk of a significant drop in share prices, citing exports of the new iPhone in the range of Rs 18-20 crore as against an estimated Rs 23.4 crore.

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