Ponzi Scheme – Investors Are Responsible For Awareness

By | April 11, 2022

Don’t be surprised if you go to see a movie in a multiplex in the future and see a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) film warning the investors on the big screen of the theater at intervals or before the movie starts. Not only that, if you are looking for something on a website or reading something or doing some shopping then SEBI is also there to tell you what to look for when investing, how to be cautious, how to avoid getting caught, which way or basis. Recognizing fraud before it happens to you, etc., may be a film or documentary about you. SEBI’s investor awareness-education advertisement or short films have started appearing on TV, but from now on, SEBI is preparing to move forward in a way that will increase the scope and effectiveness of this awareness. Ponzi schemes and box trading.

What do ordinary investors get caught up in easily and quickly? The answer is simple, such a scheme is a plan to make instant money, a plan that promises double or triple in six months. An extraordinarily high return futures plan. Such schemes are called Ponzi Schemes, SEBI is launching a publicity campaign to warn investors trapped in such schemes. The campaign is still going on, but SEBI now wants to take it to the people using a more effective medium. In addition, SEBI now plans to increase public awareness against box trading, in which SEBI seeks to discuss how and why to stay away from these illegal deals through film advertisements.

Understand ASBA

SEBI will not only issue warnings, SEBI will also issue ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked) Will also explain the benefits of the amount), this is an excellent way or tool for the investor class applying for an IPO, in which as much money goes out of the applicant’s bank account as the value of the shares allotted to him. This means that as the money goes out in the IPO application and the allotment of shares against it decreases, investors have to wait for a refund of the remaining amount, sometimes companies have to go to great lengths to get a refund and still complain to SEBI or other authorities. You have to get tired of writing. Instead Asba gives them all the relief. The regulatory system will also continue to provide this understanding and awareness through various means.

A New Look Of Awareness

In fact, SEBI is preparing to give a new look to the education activities itself, which will be introduced shortly. A nationwide campaign will be launched in this regard, which will cover training-guidance. SEBI’s plan will include training teachers as well as the police force. There are many types of investment schemes in the country, which are privately run and are not even registered with SEBI. Such an unregistered collective investment scheme is indeed illegal, yet people are lured into it by the lure of high returns without realizing it. SEBI will conduct awareness campaigns in such a way that people are affected by such schemes and the message reaches the people in a concrete form.

Not Two – Tour, Thousands Of Companies

In the last two to three years, the Ponzi scheme of Sahara and Sharda has been much talked about across the country. After the Sahara Sharda incident, the government and the regulatory body SEBI have become more active. But did these two companies run or operate a Ponzi scheme in the country?  Let us understand what is called Ponzi scheme. Schemes that offer cash investments, often without any limitations, offer interest-compensation on investments at a much higher rate than the prevailing market-system rates, whose money is raised without complying with certain policy-rules, which can be raised with legal support or  There is no basis, meaning that if the person or company raising money does not return it, they have to resort to police law, not financial martial law, to give investors an estimate or information on where and how the money raised through the scheme is used by its promoter or administrator. That doesn’t even make sense, which promises more returns in less time, double or triple refunds is called a Ponzi scheme. Many people also call this a collective instrument vacuum. However, such schemes are not registered with SEBI. So that its creation or operation is considered an illegal activity.

List Of 34 Thousand Companies

In the case of companies like Sahara-Sharda, the government-regulatory body’s court action may make it difficult for investors to invest in their schemes. But there are not only a few companies running Ponzi schemes in the country, but hundreds of companies. Such companies continue to operate under the guise of various names, with or without the word finance. Earlier, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs had submitted a list of 34,000 companies to the Reserve Bank and SEBI, none of which were registered with the regulator. Most of these companies raise, use and distribute funds illegally.

Money On The Tree

About a decade and a half ago, there were more than 600 plantation companies who took crores of rupees from people by talking about stopping money on trees. While these companies were raising money, they did not have any registration at the time. No information was available on who regulates them, how they do it, under what laws, but millions of people invested in it and lost their lives. Cases against such companies are said to be pending in court today and hardly any action has been taken against their promoters. But surprisingly, such schemes keep coming back with new names and forms like double money, chain money, deposit money, membership money, etc., and continue to deceive investors.

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