Expensive Treatment Impossible Without Health Cover

According to an insurance company’s underwriting and claims officer, if you have been hospitalized for some reason before, it is difficult for you to get a new policy and pay 10 to 15 per cent more on the premium.

Companies offer health cover of Rs 100,000 to Rs 300,000 for their employees and families, some of whom have opted for co-payment in the case of senior citizens.  Other companies also offer co-payment options for direct dependents such as spouses and children.

Is a health policy necessary for everyone?

No, according to experts, a healthy person who has no dependents should take out a personal health policy and take a family floater when the family expands. There is no set rule for health policy coverage, as the coverage depends on the person’s needs, the people who depend on them, and their health. Usually the cost of surgery in a small town or town hospital is 20-30 percent less than the cost of surgery in metro cities. So take a product that has enough time assured. According to insurance companies, the cost of medicines has been rising for a long time, which is why it is necessary to increase the health insurance cover every five years. For this you can also increase the top-up facility or the cover of the main policy. According to a Financial Advisory official, we recommend anyone to take a top-up policy of the same amount in addition to the base policy of Rs.500,000.

Top-up Plans

The top-up plan covers regular hospital expenses, but the amount is deductible. The top-up plan starts with a basic deductible of Rs.1,00,000 and Rs. Up to 5,00,000.  Deductible Rs.100,000 means that the insured person pays The cost of Rs.100,000 should be paid, with the insurance company paying any amount above it. This plan is much cheaper because of this deductible. Top-up policies can be found in individual and family floaters. “As a person gets older, he should increase his top-up plan because in case of any extraordinary circumstances, the person is likely to use the entire sum assured less,” said the senior vice president of a well-known insurance company.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance’s Top-Up Health Insurance Policy Optima Plus offers Rs. An insurance premium of Rs. 500,000 comes to Rs. 100,000 can be taken. Against this, in Apollo Munich’s regular indignity policy, The sum assured of Rs. 500,000 is Rs.6,302 happens. Both of these examples show that top-up covers are cheaper. When a person’s basic cover is high, he can afford to take more deductible. Many people believe that going for a higher deductible plan will result in lower premiums, but this is not true. E.g. For a 30 year old, Rs.  For an insurance policy of Rs 10 lakh, an insurance company pays Rs. 2,500 premium is charged, another insurance company Rs. Takes a premium of 3,708.


It is important for anyone to scrutinize the top-up policy document, as many plans do not cover pre – or post-hospitalization costs. According to experts, even before and after hospitalization costs are 15 to 20 percent of the total cost, the base policy covers the main cost, while the top-up plan can pay the extra bill. Thus a top-up plan can be useful to protect against costs other than hospitalization.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer of another well-known insurance company, it is also important to be very careful when buying a top-up plan, as many agents present it as if the top-up is an immediate added benefit to the base cover.

“One has to remember that a deductible top-up only works when your hospital costs more than the amount you have insured. It is therefore advisable that the base cover should be adequate and the cover should be extended by top-up.” He said that. A serious illness plan cannot be a substitute for a top-up plan.

“The characteristics of these two products are different. Critical plans only pay for certain illnesses while top-up plans can be useful in both hospitalization and surgery.  So a person needs to take a health policy according to his need.” He added.  When choosing a health policy one should make a decision considering one’s age, health and local factors.

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