Bandhan will buy IDFC Mutual Fund

By | April 11, 2022

Bonding Financial Holdings
Ltd., GIC and CriskPittle Group will buy IDFC Asset Management Company and IDFC AMC Trustee Company for Rs 4,500 crore. IDFC Ltd said it had entered into an agreement with Bandhan June for the deal. Indian This is considered to be the most valuable acquisition in the asset management industry.

Bonding Financial Holdings
Ltd. Managing Director Karni
“Acquiring IDFC AMC will give us a high level of asset management platform,” said S Arha. We will benefit from their excellent management team and excellent network across the country.

The acquisition will add value to stakeholders at the rate of binding to GIC and CrispyPital and each of the IDFC AMCs. Anil Sanghvi, Chairman, IDFC Limited, said, “This transaction will unlock our true value and strengthen the grip of IDFC AMC in the Indian mutual industry.”

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